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nimki mukhiya kal ka episode

Scene 1 Nimki comes to palace door and says I will come for breakfast too. Mai asks her to be out of house, Nimki says I have to eat too. Sweety says you will eat with men of house? Nimki says I used to eat with whole family. Mai says this is not your house, men eat here before first, Tettar tell her. Tettar says to Nimki that its our ritual, men eat first then ladies eat.

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Nimki says I dont like this ritual but I will eat later as I am daughter in law of this house, its okay. Servant brings her favorite veggie dish, Nimki says wow. Tettar murmurs she is destroying the mood. Nimkio asks who makes food in this house? Sweety asks her to be silent, she asks Ritu to say something.

Ritu says Nimki Ji. Nimki says dont forget I am your sister in law. Dublo says talk in english, Nimki says you are my brother in law but I will call you Dublo bhaiya, he says great with me. Rekha asks him to be silent. Nimki sees Babbu trying to eat with one hand, Mai says let me help you, Babbu says I am not a kid.

Nimki says Babbu understand her emotion, she is your mother. Babbu makes Mai feed him, Mai whispers I am sorry, I had to cut your palm because of this girl. Nimki says I like to see mother-son love. Babbu whispers to Mai that send her otherwise I will shoot her. Grandma asks her to go to her room. Nimki says I dont want to eat alone when whole family is here? I am nice daughter in law. Mai gets angry and throws plate in her direction, All are stunned.

Nimki is shocked. Tunee says I am not crazy, I am not dying to go there. Mauha says Ram leave it, Tunee is not a kid. Mono says Tunee gets silent seeing Babbu, Tunee says I can beat him. Mauha says dont talk like that, he is my brother in law. Ram asks Mauha what to bring from market to make for Nimki? Mauha gives him big list, Ram says she will eat that much?

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Mauha says you used to bring all things for her, she is not stranger now. Dumri gives him list too.Ritu says we have to defeat Mahatu. Tettar says we have to show them who we are. Lets go out in people. Ritu says we can use Nimki for people of ghat tola. Nimki comes and says good morning. Ritu says welcome. We were just talking about you.

Nimki says dadi how are you? Did you tell them all that you did together. Ritu says need signatures from you. She says sure I will sign them. Amma says are you done? Nimki goes to her room. Nimki leaves. Dablo sees his men. They are all injured. He says you all are so stupid. He says she shoved me from stairs. They leave.

nimki mukhiya kal ka episode

She says why are you looking at me like this? I am married. Ritu says what are you doing. Babbu and Anaaro comes downstairs. Nimki says babu ji i missed you when you went to patna. Amma says whats happening? Ritu says was asking her to sign the papers. Nimki says I will sign them. She takes the papers.Scene 1 Ritu says better solve home matter in home.

Babu says we gave Chandan our word.

nimki mukhiya kal ka episode

Nimki says this is matter of Ramla too not just Chandan. He has set example by solving problems fairly. Is he that disgusting that he would? Ritu says these people are conventional.

nimki mukhiya kal ka episode

Tettar asks Ramla do you wanna be with Chandan? She says no. Tettar says chandan divorce her in front of everyone. Nimki says it is not about divorce. Come I will tell you. Nimki says Chandan first tell what problem do you have with her? Why do you wanna leave her? She says you all saw how good Ramla is.

She served him. SHe fasted for his long life. Nimki says what does this mangal sutra mean Chandan? Ramla tries to smile in front of people every day.

And he is having fun there with another woman. And now he is false accusing Ramla. Now Chadan tell truth in front of everyone. Or chachi you tell. Ramla says she has an affair for two years.

He is leaving me for her. Nimki says wanna say something chacha? I am going right father in law right? Babu ji you must be so proud of me. Babbu has given me this much freedom. Nimki says chant for him. Nimki says Chandan you have only one way.Scene 1 Ritu says then we will come and fix everything. Diamond says I am going. Tettar says this game will be fun. Nimki gets ready. She says this lipstick color is not good. When I go to patna I will get a new one.

Rekha says why are we even calling her?

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It would reduce her value. Annaro says no one can reduce my family. She sits on the chair. Nimki says but I am mukhiya. Annaro syas I had been doing this all my life.

I will be the mukhiya forver. Rekha says yes know your worth. Abhi checks Elena. She says she is better. He asys okay I will stay home.

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Ram comes and says what happened. Abhi says she had fever. Ram says get well soon.Scene 1 Abhi and Sinha come to Nimki. Sinha says annaro did a mistake my coming here. We can make Ramla and other people witness too. Ramla says me too? Sinha says just cry a bit I will tell you what to say. Shankar says bhabhi ji was going out? Sinha says was going to school. Shankar says it makes me sad to see your family not even having a car.

Shankar says not everyone has a fate like you. Sinha says we all write our fates. Shnakar says I will give you so much money just withdraw from this case.

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Nimki is living her life regardless. Sinha says i will talk to you. Nimki says is everything okay? He says I have to go. Abhi says shankar said something? Sinha says no I have to go. Abhi says what happened to him? Nimki says let him go. Babbu thinks about annaro crying. Jhariya says are you okay? Babu hits him and says why did you take amma there? Jhariya says first she made you wear bangle and now slapped your mom. Babu says I wont leave her.

Jharya says but tettar asked you not to do anything. Scene 2 Nikkah starts. Nimki says Rubina you look so pretty.

Abhi comes. Nimki tries to speak in Urdu. He says how do you do such things. He says you have prepared so well. Tune says Assalam walaikum Nimki. Is there anything else you would like us to arrange? Nimki says Ganesh get things ready. Tettar sees Annaro. He says what are you doing. You injured your hand too. Mahatu will give statement in court. Once he does, Babu will be free from this case.Scene 1 Everyone comes home.

Annaro says everything went so good. People were going crazy. Ritu says yes she is right. Tettar says today is a good day. Mahatu has invited me. I think its a good news. Babbu says we will take all people and show them how much they love you. You will get ticket for sure. Nimki says we will get him the ticket and I will get what I want right Ritu? Sweeti says what is she talking about? Ritu says she is crazy. Tettar says thanks nimki.

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I have a dream to serve the village. He says she says I mean to serve people. Babbu says get ready dad we have to go. Sweeti says to babbu what happened? Nimki says he is jealous. I introduced him to my ex. Babbu says go from here. Babbu says ask her to go from here. Nimki says I and Tune used to have so much fun.The story, set in the backdrop of a small village in Bihar, deals with the life of Nimki, a carefree, materialistic girl who accidentally becomes the Mukhiya chief of the village.

Nimki is mad about cinema, a dreamer and unaware of the darkness of the world. Nimki loves Babbu and she believes that Babbu loves her, too. After becoming chief of the village, Nimki is married to Babbu Singh, son of Tetar Singh, former chief of the village. Tetar's intention to make Nimki his daughter-in-law is to fulfill his political ambitions but no one in Babbu's family accepts Nimki.

They housed her in a maid's room and treated her like one. But Nimki believed that Tetar's family will love her one day. After many incidents Sweety, Babbu's sister befriends her.

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But Abhimanyu loved Nimki secretly and he could not express his love and agrees to marry Sweety, who has just divorced her cheating husband, Rituraj. Tetar did not favour this and planned against Nimki. Babbu shoots Sweety to stop her marriage with Abhimanyu. Sweety realises Abhimanyu's feelings for Nimki and hence decides to leave him and remarries Rituraj, when Rituraj learns why Sweety marries him, he blackmails and rapes Sweety.

Tunney is aware that Rituraj rapes Sweety daily, but keeps mum to reunite Ahimanyu and Nimki. Nimki realises that she never loves Babbu, it was just attraction rather she started loving Abhimanyu.

She organises a fashion show in the village to raise funds for development, but Tetar and Babbu are opposed.

Before the beginning of the fashion show Tetar Singh tries to stop it and the villagers insult him. To avenge his father's insult, during the fashion show Babbu rapes Nimki. Unlike other victims of rape, Nimki overcomes her sorrow and again lives her normal life. She doesn't change her attitude or her swag. Nimki takes Babbu to court on rape charges, but Babbu kidnaps Elina to blackmail Tunney into giving fake proof against Nimki in court.

She still tries to get him punished, but he is declared innocent. She then learns of her pregnancy. Babbu saves his sister Sweety from being raped by Rituraj, then realises his mistake and asks Nimki's forgiveness.

He reforms and pleads with her to give their marriage a second chance. Seeing his changed behaviour, she forgives him and moves back into the mansion with him upsetting her family members. Nimki decides to support Babbu to teach him lesson for his wrongdoing but she doesn't want to involve her family members in this fight therefore she maintains a distance from them, further disappointing them. Mahua is angry on her and doesn't allow her to meet sick Monu.

She asks Nimki to choose between her and Babbu and Nimki chooses Babbu as he is the father of her unborn child. To harm Babbu, Mahua throws a brick at Babbu but Nimki comes in between and the brick hits her abdomen.

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After realising Nimki's support for him, Babbu decides to support her and chooses her over his family as she, too, chose him over her own family. To free Sweety from Rituraaj, Nimki suggests to Babbu to contest the election. Tetar Singh becomes angry that his own son challenges him in the election.